At Treble Cube Productions, we are Musicians just like you. Having spent many years and countless of hours making music in various jamming studios across Singapore, we have decided to design our own space.

With special thanks to our friends in the music scene, we have made it our goal that everything at Treble Cube Productions be designed and created with our needs as Musicians in mind. Paying special attention to the little details like, location, colour schemes, lighting, space, air-conditioning, equipment, booking system and even toilet facilities, we hope that Treble Cube Productions will provide our fellow Musicians with a space that is fun, comfortable and convenient for music-making.

Although our equipment may be different – using amp modular with quality cabinets instead of regular amps – we want to assure you that sound has not been compromised. Our purpose of using an amp modular is simple. We want you to be able to pick and choose from a variety of your favourite amp sounds. On top of that, as Musicians, we know the hassle of always having to tweak the settings on amps to get our favourite sound. However, with the use of amp modular, you can save your settings and make all your adjustments on your mobile phone way ahead of time, at the comfort of your own home!

A lot of time has been spent on our favourite and not-so-little studio. We have crafted everything from our very own hands and we want you to be a part of it. As working Musicians, we use this space regularly too. We are always open to feedback or compliments of all sorts and will do our very best to improve this space for all Musicians.

Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s rock, people!

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