Treble Cube Productions

A Unique and Contemporary Jamming Studio Designed by Musicians for Musicians

Treble Cube Productions

A Unique and Contemporary Jamming Studio Designed by Musicians for Musicians

24 hours on Weekends and PH

Jam all day and all night at a fixed hourly rate in our spacious jamming studios on weekends and holidays. Other days are open between 5pm and 9am.


5-minute walk from Kaki Bukit MRT, surrounded by shops and places to eat.
How to get there


Multi-amplifiers selection, personalised amp settings, video & audio recording at the touch of a button, and many more for FREE


At Treble Cube Productions, we are Musicians just like you. Having spent many years and countless of hours making music in various jamming studios across Singapore, we have decided to design our own unique and contemporary jamming studio.

With special thanks to our friends in the music scene, we have made it our goal that everything at Treble Cube Productions be designed and created with our needs as Musicians in mind. Paying special attention to the little details like, location, colour schemes, lighting, space, air-conditioning, equipment, booking system and even toilet facilities, we hope that Treble Cube Productions will provide our fellow Musicians with a jamming space that is fun, comfortable and convenient for music-making or just to hang out.

We hope to give you the ultimate jamming experience at a very affordable rate in our jamming studios!

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Layout changes. different amps, better acoustics and a new automation system. These are being done at the moment.

We’ve been working on this for a few months now and the installation process has started and is expected to end by mid-2024.

Bookings are still allowed during period but some facilities may not be available yet.


We know that sometimes, fixing a date to jam in a studio can be tedious. It does not help that rates may differ for after-hours bookings. Therefore, our hourly rates are fixed , 24 hours a day. To make things even easier, you can view all our available slots and make a booking on your own. (As of 2023, weekdays are open 5pm to 9am and weekends are 24 hours)


Min 3 Hours. $33 per hour if less than 3 hours



Jamming will never be the same again at our studios. Through research and some major coding works, we have created a unique digital platform to provide you with some remarkable features.

All of our studios are equipped with a television which we hooked up to a mini computer to allow you to browse the web, play songs from YouTube or search for lyrics or guitar tabs. You can also play songs from your phone through the mixer.

Record audios or music videos of your jamming sessions with our easy-to-use function buttons and the media will be sent to you within seconds*. A camera has been installed for all recording purposes including taking your photos as well.

To all drummers, we have a personal monitoring system in place for you. Need to hear more of the bass guitar? No problem. Just remember to bring your earpiece and mobile phone because you would need an application to access the monitoring system.

Guitarists, you can choose from a wide variety of amplifiers. From a VOX AC30 to Marshall JCM800 or even a EVH 5150. For bass, we have The same is for Bass, from Hartke to Ampeg, the possibilities are endless

*Beta testing in progress


Here you might find some useful answers to your questions. If you cannot find an answer to any of your questions, please feel free to contact us. 


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